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Michael O’Keefe with budget wisdom

Date Published: 09/19/2010


Michael O'Keefe was one of the standouts in  a highly respected state cabinet that came together to help neophyte Gov. Jesse Ventura in 1999, and O'Keefe served ably as commissioner of the Department of Human Services, one of the state's largest and most complex agencies.   He's also had a distinguished career as a foundation CEO  (McKnight) and a college president (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), and he has degrees in mathematics and physics.   So when he talks about state budget crisis realities, one really should pay attention.   Here are some of the standout excerpts from his recent interview with the Civic Caucus on the "Hard Realities of Minnesota's Budget Situation."

There's substantially more from O'Keefe on the Civic Caucus website,  including a provocative challenge to rethink  whether Minnesota's spending on prisons and lifetime incarceration of sex offenders can be sustained.   We're proud to have Michael on our board of directors at Growth & Justice and as a significant  influence on our policy thinking.

Dane Smith


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