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Early college credits rank high as gap-closing tool

Date Published: 11/03/2013

Author: Dane Smith

Affluent and highly educated parents begin steering  their own children at a very early age  toward post-secondary completion.   By middle school or high school these advantaged kids often are already likely or assured of admission and completion.    We know from our research at Growth & Justice that early and aggressive efforts to get ALL students on track to some post-secondary training or education pay off.   Especially effective are programs that allow students to get a few college credits while still in high school.    A recent blogpost by Anthony Lonetree in the Star Tribune chronicled St. Paul students themselves telling their own success stories with post-secondary enrollment options and urging  the school board to provide more and better opportunities.   The post further linked to an oustanding resource for parents and students, "Get a Jump Start on Your Future," by the Center for School Change.  The JumpStart guidebook offers inspiring stories by students who have earned credits and it offers practical advice for families about how to get started on their way to post-secondary completion.    Closing racial and income disparities, by improving completion rates and the quality of post-secondary training and education,  is the most important investment we can make toward healthy and sustained business growth in Minnesota.  Consensus on this fact is overwhelming.

Dane Smith

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