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Meeting in the Marketplace

What employers can do

There are a number of strategies employer can use to minimize the often-unrecognized racial biases that may infiltrate hiring decisions, retention, advancement and overall workplace culture. These range from reexamining hiring screens like criminal records, poor credit history, or lack of a college degree to implementing strong cultural awareness and diversity training among all employees. As our population grows ever more diverse, many employers will need to make changes to fully benefit from a multiracial workforce if they are to remain competitive. Read More

Sector initiatives can promote equity

Sector strategies are industry-specific training programs designed to prepare workers for skilled positions and connect them with employers seeking to fill such vacancies. Sector partnerships organize a number of stakeholders connected to an industry—multiple firms, unions, education and training providers, and local workforce and education system administrators—to develop plans for growing that industry. These partnerships develop new skilled workforce “pipelines” where shortages exist, and can offer high-wage employment opportunities to historically disadvantaged workers in high-demand industries. The experience of creating a sector initiative builds a far deeper and interdependent relationship between employers, workers, and intermediaries than typically happens in the transactional space of training workers and then helping those workers find employment. Read More


To stimulate more equitable employment opportunities, there must be agreement among public and private sector leaders that this is an important goal. Our collective public and private leadership must rethink the screening tools that have traditionally been used to hire workers; shape broad-based efforts to create inclusive workplaces; and examine critically the ways in which public funded programs could be used more effectively to reach employment equity goals. Read More

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