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Whole Towns Coming Together for All Students

Historical Precedence and Evidence for Community Engagement in Student Success

Total community responsibility for a universal and egalitarian educational product has been an emblematic historical feature of Midwestern American culture, especially in Minnesota, from the village days of our original native residents and the early Euro-Americans in the 19th century. A renaissance of interest in and enthusiasm for community engagement is taking hold in the United States and in Minnesota in particular.  Read More

Models of Community Engagement in Rural and Greater Minnesota

We have identified several examples of civic engagement for broader and more equitable student success in rural and Greater Minnesota. Some involve a comprehensive birth-to-career strategy and some are more focused on one segment of the educational pipeline. The common denominator is that all are products of local initiatives in community engagement , support and collaboration, and all involve multiple civic partners and more than one sector.  Read More

Other Programs and Initiatives

In addition to the previously mentioned community-specific programs, there are several instances of broad support through foundations and other community and statewide programs.  Read More

Conclusions and Recommendations

Our research and inquiry to date has led us to the conclusion that the entire education pipeline from birth to higher education readiness must be tended with cost-effective investment and out-of-school, family and community support. Perhaps the best model, in both theory and practice for total community, cradle-to-career student success, is the one used by the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  Read More

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