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Letter to Commissioner Jesson

Date Published: 03/29/2012


Letter to Commissioner Jesson


Southside Pride | March 29, 2012
By Elizabeth Frost, MD



Dear Commissioner Jesson:


I am a family practice physician and a supporter of single-payer health care for all. There are nearly 1000 doctors and providers in Minnesota that advocate for this kind of public financing of health care. I am not alone. As you know, single-payer has been popular in Minnesota for years. In fact, it has been endorsed by the DFL for over 20 years and is supported by Governor Mark Dayton.


I am writing because I am concerned that your task force on health reform is not investigating the single-payer option. Recently, a major report was released by the progressive think tank Growth and Justice. It showed how a publicly financed health system such as single-payer would meet Minnesota s goals of affordable health care more successfully than anything proposed by your task force. The study showed that single-payer would save Minnesotans $4 billion in the first year while expanding comprehensive care to all.


These savings would stimulate the economy and create jobs.


The task force on health reform that you lead is tasked with many important goals: to increase access, decrease disparities, and to keep Minnesotans healthy. I am concerned, however, that the task force may be more focused on the financial welfare of the insurance sector than the health of Minnesotans. Why else would it ignore the one solution that saves money and expands care?


Please prove me wrong by putting single-payer on the table.


Thank you.

Elizabeth Frost, MD

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