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PRESS RELEASE: Top Priorities for the “One Minnesota Equity Blueprint” Project

Date Published: 01/14/2019

Author: Dane Smith

January 14, 2019

Regional and Racial Disparities, Climate Action, and Infrastructure
Are Top Priorities in the 2019 Legislative Session
For the “One Minnesota Equity Blueprint” Project

• 11:15 a.m., State Capitol Building, Press Conference Room B-971, 75 Rev. Martin Luther King Boulevard, St. Paul.
• 2 p.m., Great River Regional Library, Mississippi Room 106, 1300 West Saint Germain Street, St. Cloud.

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             A comprehensive and ambitious set of legislative policy priorities drawn from the “One Minnesota Equity Blueprint” -- an ongoing statewide project co-partnered by Growth & Justice and OneMN.org -- will be presented Monday to Minnesota news media, to legislators and to Gov. Tim Walz.    
             The recommendations are designed to put Minnesota on course toward an inclusive, sustainable and thriving economy, with elevated emphasis on equity and environment.    These policies aim at both racial and regional disparities, to realize the vast talent and energy of traditionally marginalized Minnesotans.   They also seek to accelerate climate and environmental action, and to modernize our neglected public infrastructure and transportation systems.

Highlights among more than 50 general and specific recommendations include:

         “Our policy priorities emerged from a year of study and extensive input from communities and stakeholders across the state,’’ said Jane Leonard, President of  Growth & Justice, a policy research and advocacy organization committed to a more inclusive prosperity for Minnesota.   “We believe these ideas and initiatives can bring together Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and people from all communities and corners of Minnesota – rural and metro alike.’’
            Although the term “One Minnesota’’ is very much  in vogue and has been the main slogan for both the campaign and inaugural activities  of Gov. Walz, the partners in the project have been emphasizing a “One Minnesota’’ theme and  mindset  long before the 2018 campaigns began.  Both groups are non-partisan and seek bi-partisan and business sector support for specific policy objectives that create a more equitable prosperity.
            “For the past 17 years, OneMn.org has been working on solutions that provide ALL Minnesotans an opportunity to thrive,’’ said Brett Buckner, managing director of OneMN.org., a network of individuals and organizations working with immigrants and people of color to keep Minnesota welcoming, innovative and creative.  “Today, with these priorities, Minnesota is in a unique position to begin achieving that goal.’’
            The priorities emerged through a “Thriving by Design – Rural & Urban Together” process begun last June.   More than 300 individuals and dozens of organizations -- from across rural, small town, suburban and urban Minnesota -- convened over six months to describe their concerns and offer their recommendations for improvement.  This process involved smaller community meetings around the state and larger convenings in Greater Minnesota, hosted by the Upper Sioux Community in Granite Falls, with another large gathering in Hinckley at the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Casino.  The legislative priorities have been further informed by issue briefs written by many of Minnesota’s most experienced professionals and community leaders working on the front lines of each issue.
                In coming months, project partners will elaborate and expand on these priorities with a phased roll-out of a more detailed and visionary “One Minnesota Equity Blueprint.”   This more comprehensive document can serve as a long-term guidebook over the next decade for policies and practices that people, businesses, communities and governments can implement to achieve a more equitable and thriving Minnesota.


For more information on the Thriving by Design process to create the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint, please go to www.thrivingbydesignmn.org

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