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PRESS RELEASE: Thriving by Design Network launches #BeeAmazingMN summer initiative

Date Published: 06/04/2019



June 4, 2019

Thriving by Design Network launches #BeeAmazingMN summer initiative to spotlight rural and urban community equity innovations


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Changemakers and idea pollinators can be found across and in every corner of the state. To help share their stories far and wide, Thriving By Design – Rural &Urban Together is launching the #BeeAmazingMN Summer Spotlight. This initiative, open from June 4 – Aug. 15, will gather and showcase the work of “community pollinators” across Minnesota who are already implementing projects in the spirit of Thriving By Design - Rural & Urban Together (which began last June) and the Minnesota Equity Blueprint, highlighting practices that spur economic growth in tandem with equity and inclusion, all with a mind towards achieving a clean and sustainable environment, too.

“Minnesotans and their communities and businesses are leading amazing efforts to embrace diversity and promote equity and inclusion as essential elements for a thriving economy and shared vitality in the places we all call home,” said Jane Leonard, president of Growth & Justice, one of the catalyst organizations behind the Thriving by Design initiatives, with partner organization OneMN.org.  “We want to use the summer sunshine to spotlight their stories, to help share the wealth of that Bee Amazing MN know-how statewide.”

Throughout the summer, Thriving by Design will feature stories via social media channels, e-newsletters, podcasts, and an upcoming event. Ultimately, the goal is to lift up and amplify efforts, connect Community Pollinators, and continue expanding the base of knowledge that informs the Minnesota Equity Blueprint.

In the Fall, following the open submission period, Growth & Justice and OneMN.org will host an in-person convening, a Bee Amazing Minnesota Thriving by Design Fall Harvest, to further spotlight community submissions and bring together community pollinators to learn from and inspire each other’s work in person.

Funders for the Thriving by Design – Minnesota Equity Blueprint initiative include the Blandin Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, and Growth & Justice donors. Additional sponsors are always welcome!

More information about the initiative and the submission form can be found online at: http://thrivingbydesignmn.org/bee-amazing-mn-summer-spotlight/


A brief background on the #BeeAmazingMN summer initiative to spotlight rural and urban community equity innovations

More information about the initiative and the submission form can be found online at: http://thrivingbydesignmn.org/bee-amazing-mn-summer-spotlight/

ABOUT GROWTH & JUSTICE: Growth & Justice is a non-profit research and advocacy organization that develops innovative public policy proposals based on independent research and extensive community engagement. We believe when Minnesota makes smart investments in practical solutions it leads to broader prosperity for all. For more than a decade we have been setting Minnesota’s progress agenda by uniting people around one simple philosophy: a robust state economy with widespread economic opportunity leads to a higher quality of life and greater economic justice for all. www.growthandjustice.org

ABOUT ONEMN.ORG: OneMN.org is a research-based, advocacy, and communications nonpartisan multi-ethnic coalition working to create One Minnesota, with a mission to civically engage and empower Minnesotans to establish shared sustainable prosperity and a shared vision towards racial equity, social and economic inclusion. OneMN.org has been in existence for over a decade and has played a vital role on many issues from voter empowerment and redistricting to business and workforce development. www.onemn.org

Background on Thriving by Design and the Minnesota Equity Blueprint:
Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together is a bold joint effort by OneMN.org and Growth & Justice and its partners to spark a movement for Minnesota that builds a new future for our state where all Minnesotans can thrive together.

The Minnesota Equity Blueprint, in co-creation by members of the Thriving by Design Network (TBDN), is the major focus of this long-term collaborative project involving the many individuals and community groups of the TBDN who seek a more inclusive and sustainable economy for the North Star State. The Blueprint is intended as a both a policy guide and practical handbook for residents and decision-makers alike to address racial, regional, and economic disparities, as well as climate change and environmental degradation, all issues interrelated to Minnesota’s community and economic sustainability. The project has gathered policy and practice recommendations from hundreds of rural and metro Minnesotans and dozens of groups participating in the Thriving by Design Network – Rural & Urban Together activities over the past year.

The creation and nurture of the Thriving by Design Network and the Minnesota Equity Blueprint is a continuous process that encourages community-based experience and ideas informing independently researched public policy development through a rural-urban, racial, and socioeconomic equity lens.

The intended outcome of the Thriving by Design process longer term is to achieve an inclusive economy, just society, and vibrant democracy in Minnesota, with and for all Minnesotans within the next decade.

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