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ENEWS: Please support Growth & Justice at #GiveAtHomeMN this week

Date Published: 05/05/2020

Author: Jane Leonard

Dear Growth & Justice supporters:

We need your help this week. As a part of the Covid-19 #GiveAtHomeMN fundraising campaign for non-profits and schools hosted by GiveMN, I've created a special fundraiser page for Growth & Justice -- at  https://give.mn/ch55if  and kicked off the donations with a gift of my own. Please consider a donation yourself at this special fundraiser site. 

The #GiveAtHomeMN fundraiser for G & J is targeted to help support the dissemination of and conversations on the Minnesota Equity Blueprint this spring and summer via virtual events (that had originally been planned as face-to-face gatherings).

We would also love your help in sharing this invitation to donate to others you know who might be interested in Growth & Justice's work. See a sample invite below that you can use or customize to send to your networks, colleagues, and friends. 

Thanks so much for your support of Growth & Justice! Please take care and stay safe and healthy out there.


Jane Leonard, President, Growth & Justice



Dear Friend/Colleague:

I'm a supporter of Growth & Justice, a non-profit research and advocacy organization that works to make Minnesota's economy more prosperous and fair for all, a mission made more relevant than ever with Covid-19’s damaging impact. We are participating in GiveMN's special fundraiser this week and are asking friends and colleagues to please visit https://give.mn/ch55if to support #GiveAtHomeMN for Growth & Justice. It would mean a lot to me. Here’s why:

While Growth & Justice doesn't provide services for the immediate relief of Covid-19’s health and economic woes, we have researched and are advocating for a set of policies and practices – the Minnesota Equity Blueprint -- that can help lead to a more just and equitable Minnesota economy and society coming out of the pandemic.  The Blueprint lays out what we need to work toward – and we need your financial support to help move it forward through virtual gatherings and social and online media this year. You can download a free copy at https://growthandjustice.org/facts.fixes

Learn more at our #GiveAtHomeMN website at https://give.mn/ch55if -- and then decide if you want to support our work to help ensure that Minnesota comes out of Covid-19 aiming to achieve shared prosperity in a healthier environment, with and for all Minnesotans.

Thank You!

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